Kimberly Jaffe

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L.A. Any Day

Type of Tours We Offer:

I am a Los Angeles entertainment concierge providing personalized itineraries for those that vacation and staycation in our beautiful and amazing city. I provide that personalized touch whether it is for a tourist or someone taking a staycation.  It could be someone staying in a hotel not wanting to use the typical concierge, residing at an AirBnB, in town for a wedding, temporary work stay or conference, participating in the L.A. Marathon or eventually planning their trip for the upcoming Olympics.  The possibilities are endless.  I want to help as many people as possible discover the best of L.A. on Any Day!

What makes our tours special:

Over the years, I have developed an extensive knowledge of L.A. Besides being a 4th generation L.A. girl, I know how to get around this city, the ins and outs you would say.  I have developed relationships and connections and am linked to every site regarding all that is going on in town.  I know EVERYTHING there is to do here: museums, pop-ups, seasonal activities, restaurants, bars, holiday events, shopping, spas, tea rooms, theatres, speakeasies, indoor and outdoor activities, sports, tours… you name it, you think it, and I know about it.  People pay me to tell them where to go and what to do. Want to know what makes me different from a hotel concierge?  A travel agent?  Well, I can tell you to go to the Hollywood sign, or the latest “in” restaurant.  But I know where the locals go, I know just about every restaurant in L.A. County, what the latest pop-up museum is, how to score tickets last minute to the latest concert, how to do just about anything in the city.  What I do is get to know my client(s) after a short interview, find out their ages, wants (such as if they are foodies, what are their “must sees”, what they are here for), and then plan an itinerary based on their length of stay, whether it is one day or 3 weeks, for example.  And once they are here, I am personally available to them by phone in case they need to change plans last minute, get lost, weather delays, etc.  And when I plan their itineraries, I keep in mind traffic and location.  I know L.A. like the back of my hand and I know how much can be done in a day based on traffic.  I provide a personalized service and since L.A. is a huge town, I’m here to navigate it for them.  I can even plan day trips, if needed, and also help those that want to staycation for the day or weekend in Los Angeles.  You ask how I get paid?  Per the day, or, if it is a lengthy stay, I will discuss being paid on a retainer basis.  Each case is different.  Some people just want me to book a tour, a few restaurants and a couple of places to go.  That’s simple. But others will want a completely different and detailed itinerary each day and that requires more work.  And for each itinerary, I give a link to each site, a description, clothing suggestions, travel timing, apps to download, etc. and I make each and every reservation.  Basically, the client tells me their wishes and I take it from there.

What you can expect on a tour:

My clients will see and do everything they want to in Los Angeles.  It all depends what they are in town for, pre-set plans, their ages, any limitations, the weather, etc.  Every day can be different.  One day can be all about the Westside, the next about the Arts District.  One day can be water sports and the next an architecture tour and a picnic at the Getty followed by dinner and dancing.  I work with my clients to personalize each and every day they are in town to make it the best trip possible. 

How often do tours last:

Since my itineraries are based on the length of the stay of my client, it can be one day to 6 months.  I work with each client based on how long they need me and for what they wish to see and do in Los Angeles.